Conferences, Near and Far

I’ve just returned from two productive conferences—CSC 2016, the Canadian Society for Chemistry annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and DUST 2016, a conference on atmospheric dust (unsurprisingly) in Bari, Italy.

At both conferences, I talked about the exciting work that Stephanie and Sherry (our stellar undergraduate summer students) have been doing in the lab this summer—in only a few months, they’ve already gained great insights into dust photoreactivity.

It’s already time to start thinking about CSC 2017—I’m looking forward to co-hosting the atmospheric chemistry session with Arthur Chan at the University of Toronto!

— Sarah

Summer in the Lab—A Preview

As classes end, I’m looking forward to a summer of lab productivity!

In May, Stephanie and Sherry will continue their investigations of dust photochemistry (but on a full-time basis!). In July, new lab member Chelsea Cote will join us as a recipient of the Lloyd and Margaret Cooley Memorial Studentship in Analytical Chemistry. Both Stephanie and Chelsea will be staying on in the autumn as CHEM 401/403 students.

In June, I’ll be heading to the 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference (CSC 2016) in Halifax, where I’m looking forward to giving a talk and to catching up with others in the Canadian atmospheric chemistry community. From Halifax, I’ll be heading to Bari, Italy, where I’ll be giving a talk at the 2nd International Conference on Atmospheric Dust.

In the autumn, the group will be welcoming several new graduate students and another fourth-year research student … exciting days!

— Sarah

Upcoming Talk: Nerd Nite Edmonton!

On February 29, 2016, I’ll be speaking at Nerd Nite Edmonton. Here’s what I’ll be talking about!

Dust: The Little Particle That Could
Over a billion tons of dust are emitted into the atmosphere each year from desert regions in Africa and Central Asia. Once emitted, dust particles can be transported around the world. During their travels, they promote cloud formation, fertilize oceanic and terrestrial ecosystems, and influence air quality in cities. I’ll talk about how and why these small particles have an outsize influence on our climate and health, and about how we can make and study dust in the lab.

This will also be the first official Styler Group outing—pictures to follow!

— Sarah

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