Chelsea Cote

Chelsea is working towards her B.Sc. Specialization Degree in Chemistry at the University of Alberta, with a strong interest in analytical chemistry. She is the recipient of the Lloyd and Margaret Cooley Memorial Studentship in Analytical Chemistry, where this studentship will fund part of her research endeavour in the Styler Research Group. She will be working to study photochemical reactions occurring at the surface of dust particles in the atmosphere. During her previous one year internship Chelsea has worked at the RCMP Forensic Laboratory through the Science Internship Program doing FT-IR analysis of automotive paint to aid in hit and run case analysis by creating the searchable Paint Data Query database of known automotive paint. She has had multiple volunteer experiences related to the natural sciences which contributed to her passion for science and lab related work. Chelsea looks forward to gain research experience and to further her knowledge in the analytical and environmental chemistry field. With her research she hopes to further progress the goal of the research group to understand and improve the urban air quality in regions around the globe.